TAI CHI   Wednesday  7.30pm - 9.15pm

KUNG FU       Friday        7.30pm - 9pm

The T'ai Chi taught at this school is Yang style T'ai Chi Chuan as taught by Master Liu Yongmin, Coach of the Yunnan PhysiChuancal Culture Committee.

T'ai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese self defence discipline practised widely by men and women, young and old, as a method of self cultivation. Practised as a series of movements or steps and built into a form, it can help to improve health, balance, concentration and co-ordination and can reduce stress.

Although primarily taught for health and relaxation, the translation of T'ai Chi is 'supreme ultimate fist' or 'great pole boxing', redirecting the force from an attack and using the opponent's strength against them, the aim is to knock the opponent off balance to evade or strike.

Refer to the phrase "four ounces deflect one thousand pounds". The classes will also include meditation and Qigong, breath training, to improve health, concentration and relaxation. 

​For information about our Tai Chi classes please contact Sifu Ashley Jehan through our contact form.