Kancho Roisin Pitman will be a busy little bee in the second half of this year with trips to Cambridge, Norwich, Turkey and Italy to come.

As part of the Aiki Extensions worldwide charity, Burwell Club in Cambridgeshire will be hosting AIKIDO EXTENDED, a multi-national weekend seminar, featuring instructors and students from many countries. 

Roisin will be giving a class, based on disability inclusion and a workshop on self protection and awareness for women.

In October, she will be undertaking the national SIA Doormen level 2 course with Elite, with a view to becoming involved with the teaching of all Jersey based door staff in approximately 18 months time, when the Jersey Licensing Law has been reviewed and passed by the island's government.

November sees Roisin attending the 2016 Izmir Conference in Turkey at the personal invitation of the Mayor of Izmir to give instruction on aikido to the disabled studentS in the city and a keynote speech to be delivered on the inclusion of all people in sports whether they be disabled or of different colours, creeds or genders.

Finally, December sees Roisin, once again, returning to Fenis, in the Italian Alps, to teach at the Winter Stage. Her guests this time will be Sensei Tony Davis - 6th Dan and Sensei Andrea D'Ulivo-Rogers - 4th Dan.



The Association's Jersey Club has just promoted a number of senior instructors and senior and junior students and the organisation would like to congratulate all of the newly promoted personnel.

Of the senior promotions, Chris Clark has been elevated to 4th Dan; Eduardo Nascimento and Tim Silvester to 3rd Dan; Ty Nicholson to 2nd Dan, and the two newest Dan grades, 1st Dan's Jon Mauger and Jake Day.

Of the Kyu grade seniors, James Marshall is now 2nd Kyu, Davis Ambrass 4th Kyu and Julian Saltan is 6th Kyu.

In the Junior section, Noah Clark and Abbi and Mally Erickson have been promoted to 4th Kyu, 2nd Mon and Ricardo De Castro and Harry Elston were awarded 5th Kyu, 2nd Mon.

Not all personal were available when the above photograph was taken. Those pictured above are:

Back Row (L-R): Ed Nascimento, Noah Clark, Davis Ambrass and Tim Silvester.

Front Row (L-R) James Marshall, Ty Nicholson and Chris Clark.

COMMITTEE FOR 2015/16 due to step down/or be re-elected on 2nd August 2016 are


PRESIDENT:                      ROISIN PITMAN



MEMBERS:                        ASHLEY JEHAN

                                             CHRIS CLARK

​                                             TYRONE NICHOLSON


If any head of section or instructor / student have any newsworthy items for inclusion in the next Newsletter please email Roisin at 

Any important landmarks such as courses, promotions etc., as well as other relevant news will also be posted on our Facebook page.

Issue 4 / JULY 2016